Holomua On Wheels strives to increase the quality of life for those with SCI in Hawaii by providing adaptive off-road equipment and recreation opportunities along with a unique approach to improving community awareness.

Adaptive Off-Road Online Resource Center: Developing a web-based Resource Center consisting of pictures, videos, product reviews, and resource links for the community to learn about the adaptive equipment used to overcome the challenges that the off-road environment creates.

Off-Road Recreational Opportunities: Off-road workshops with equipment education and demonstrations.

Community Awareness: Holomua on Wheels has a unique approach to awareness. Our mission is to educate able-bodied people on adaptive equipment used for both sports and lifestyle. Holomua On Wheels aims to increase the able-bodied community’s understanding of the challenges faced by disabled individuals through workshops, speaking engagements, adventure races, and experiential team-building programs that bring able-bodied and disabled individuals together. Our ultimate goal is to inspire people to become adaptive coaches, instructors, and/or volunteers.

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